Florida taking action on golf courses to protect environment

Florida is investing more money on environment resiliency initiatives than it has in the past with a focus on golf courses. The Resilient Florida Grant Program has granted more than $400 million to.communities. It hopes to help them cope with the effects of floods and storm surge. More changes are on the way following this year’s legislative session.

According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, most states are unprepared.

They essentially lack action plans to deal with climate change. Florida, on the other hand, is making progress.

Florida lawmakers enacted a bill to establish a resiliency agency under the governor’s supervision. It’s in charge of prioritising projects related to resilience. The measure also accomplishes the following objectives; The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for assessing flood vulnerability and sea-level rise statistics across the state.

The Department of Transportation has been entrusted with establishing a roadway resilience action plan based on the current situation. According to projections, certain sections of Florida could witness a 1-11 foot rise in sea level over the next 100 years.

A new law will establishe a resilience office that will report to the governor and prioritise initiatives.

With the help of the University of Florida’s turfgrass science programme, lawmakers are ensuring that the 1,300 golf courses in Florida are certified for Best Management Practices, ensuring that they are ready for you to tee off while also being kinder to the environment. Courses will be certified by the DEP. The Bobby Jones Golf Club in Sarasota has undergone a $20 million makeover.

Not only does water completely surround the course but it also floods frequently. It’s now undergoing a redesign in order to avoid this.
Crews can help to keep runoff containing nutrients out of the rivers and limit the usage of fertilisers, which release greenhouse gases, if they properly maintain the greens on all of the state’s fairways.
The golf course accreditation is valid for four years, and to hold onto to it, the crew will need to continue their education, which will entail extra time learning about fertiliser best practises.

Florida taking action on golf courses to protect environment

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