Florida man Jeff Mazzaro gets hole-in-one 4 times in 2 months

On Dec. 13, Jeff Mazzaro from Florida began his run with a hole-in-one on the course’s No. 3 hole with a 6-iron from 145 yards against the wind.  That was amazing. What happened afterwards was even more remarkable especially considering it was in a club championship match. Mazzaro, 59, competed in a match against Mike O’Neil on […]

Jack Nicklaus and Justin Thomas to create Florida golf community

In Palm Beach County, Florida, Jack Nicklaus and one of the PGA’s hottest new stars are partnering up to establish a luxury golf community. Jack Nicklaus, 82, and Justin Thomas, a 28-year-old PGA Tour player have begun construction at Panther National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  The two are planning a high-end estate neighbourhood encircled by a championship […]

The drive for more casinos in Florida

Despite its efforts, the Florida Casino Gaming Expansion Initiative will not be on the ballot because it did not receive enough signatures. It was 77,374 signatures short of the 891 586 signatures required. The now defunct proposal was intended to create more casinos in Florida. It was to achieve this by enabling firms with necessary permits to […]

Tiger Woods set to open two golf courses in Florida.

Tiger Woods has announced the construction of two 18-hole putting courses at the PopStroke Sarasota entertainment complex in Florida. Woods and Greg Bartoli, an entrepreneur and former investment banker, co-own PopStroke Entertainment Group. They describe it as a golf and relaxed dining concept. TGR Design, under the guidance of Woods, has already constructed courses for the group […]

Florida taking action on golf courses to protect environment

Florida is investing more money on environment resiliency initiatives than it has in the past with a focus on golf courses. The Resilient Florida Grant Program has granted more than $400 million to.communities. It hopes to help them cope with the effects of floods and storm surge. More changes are on the way following this […]

Best Restaurants in Emerald Coast, Florida

The Emerald Coast of Florida features some of the best beaches and seafood restaurants in the state. it’s a strip of beauty that stretches between Pensacola and Panama City on the Gulf of Mexico in northwest Florida, between Pensacola and Panama City. It’s one of Florida’s best-kept secrets; a world away from the blazing nightlife of […]

A brief history of Florida

The post-Native American history of Florida is far more recent than that of most eastern and southern states. St. Augustine may be the oldest continuously occupied city in the United States but following the historic creation by the first Europeans in 1565, progress was extraordinarily slow. Despite its size, with a land area of about 66,000 square […]

The best luxury casinos in Florida

Its friendly inhabitants, citrus fruits, pleasant weather, and amusement parks is what makes Florida such an attractive destination. It attracts visitors from all over the world with attractions such as The Walt Disney World Resort and Kennedy Space Center. It has a lot more to offer though. For a long time, the gambling industry here has been […]

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