Tiger Woods set to open two golf courses in Florida.

Tiger Woods has announced the construction of two 18-hole putting courses at the PopStroke Sarasota entertainment complex in Florida.

Woods and Greg Bartoli, an entrepreneur and former investment banker, co-own PopStroke Entertainment Group. They describe it as a golf and relaxed dining concept. TGR Design, under the guidance of Woods, has already constructed courses for the group in Fort Meyers, Florida, and Port St. Lucie, Florida.
Woods has developed golf courses since 2006, but PopStroke is his first venture into putting courses. He returned to compete at the Masters this year after suffering catastrophic leg injuries in a vehicle accident in February 2021.

During the peak of his power, Woods’ putting was practically flawless. He missed only three of his 1,540 putts from three feet and in on the PGA Tour between 2002 and 2005. As they continue their expansion, they are happy to offer PopStroke to the Sarasota community. They want to bring friends and family together to create lifelong moments while playing golf.

The PopStroke putting courses were built completely from synthetic turf. They will seem like traditional golf courses, complete with undulations, fairways, bunkers, and rough.

Even the most seasoned putters will face a challenge with the Tiger Red Course’s aggressive contouring and difficult hole locations. The Tiger Black Course, meanwhile, has softer curves to offer a perfect course for families and anyone new to golf.
These are two 18-hole putting courses that everybody, regardless of age or skill level, can appreciate. They are both excited to introduce a new generation of players to PopStroke Sarasota’s unique putting experiences.
There will be an outdoor eating area alongside the golf course with a full menu. It will include craft beer, wine, creative cocktails, and ice cream.
Sarasota’s course is the first of seven PopStroke locations opening in the next 18 months.

Tiger Woods set to open two golf courses in Florida.

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